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Hello there :)

I have been such a busy bee since I last wrote here... I decided with some help from my amazing friends to get my art to The Magical Faerie Festival in Canterbury held by the wonderful Matthew Callow. The only trouble was I only had a month to prepare! I first had to finish a commission, which took longer than expected (only myself to blame,) then my poor rabbit got ill and for a few days she was all I could think about. She's much more herself now but still not 100%

Anyway I decided, perhaps foolishly, that then would be the perfect time to paint my first large scale canvas in years! Not only that but to paint the image I had seen in a dream almost exactly a year ago that I had sworn to paint one day when I felt I could do it justice. This was a huge challenge and I spent many nights up until the crack of dawn working on it. For some reason I always work better in the quiet hours and so 'Faery Portal' was born. I managed to get it finished with around two weeks to go, during which I somehow found it in me to paint two OSWOA sized watercolours, one small canvas, one large sketchy piece, two miniatures and to hand embellish 80 ACEO prints. Needless to say I worked until the last minute when my friend picked me up to head off to Kent!

I'd like to congratulate Steph Barton and Jess Kay as well for getting so much work done in such a small space of time and literally designing everything from scratch for the festival, Steph with her beautiful tutu's and hair pieces and Jess with her puppets. These are not just any friends, they're marks a-.. hahah.. (english joke) they're the best basically.. ;)

The Festival was one of the best experiences in my life. I met so many amazing people, including artists I had admired from afar such as Linda Ravenscroft and made some lovely friends too! I learnt that merchandise and more affordable reproductions are a must at events like this as people dont always like buying originals on the spot. I have many many ideas now for next time, which all going well will be the Avalon Ball and Fayre in my favourite town - Glastonbury in October... :)

Anyway the larger pieces that I poured my heart and soul into are now available on ebay, the ACEO sized ones will be up there later today too.

The visionary canvas 'Faery Portal' which I am very fond of now, is also for sale, for the moment private sale. It would be very expensive and risky to ship to the US or abroad elsewhere so for now I'm only shipping to mainland UK. Send me a message if you're interested in purchasing this piece. I'll get the exact measurements later!

Lots of love,


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I have been clearing out and reorganising my whole account, deleting and categorising things one by one!

Expect lots of new art soon and higher quality scans of paintings already up as well as links to the ones you can purchase embellished prints of through my ebay store.

Have a wonderful and magical All Hallows ;)

Dawn x

Prints and originals for sale/auction in my ebay shop ->…

I'm currently open for commission, let me help you make your dream ACEO. I specialise in unicorns, faeries, mermaids pegasus', angels, other fantasy creatures and all manner of animals. :)

Prices start at £20-£30 ($30-$45) for a full colour painted ACEO.

I ship to anywhere in the world.
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Wow... It's been a long time since I wrote anything here.

I am in the process of updating all my online galleries and creating a proper wesbite (finally!) *blush*.. It's been a long time in the making!

The address for my first temporary website is - There's not much there right now, most is just default stuff but soon I shall have a small gallery, links, commission info, biog, and hopefully prints and originals for sale if im allowed that on this host!

Until then my ebay shop is where you will find my ACEO, however they may be slightly few and far between this month as I am preparing to move to a bigger place with a garden which I am extremely excited about! I can't wait to create and enchanting faery and wildlife haven. :)

In the meantime if you would like information on how you can buy my art, commission me or publish my art contact me at

Love to you all

Dawn Unicorn xXx
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Dawn's Creation is a registered business, comprising of me - Dawn Jane Holliday, a professional self-representing artist. I gained a GCSE, A-level and National Diploma in Art and Design.. but that doesn't matter too much

Within my shop you will find original works of fantasy, landscape, animal, contemporary art and more. I mostly work in acrylic, graphite, oil and water colour. All my artwork has one thing in common. Soul. I paint by intuition and emotion. My art remains true to who I am to this very day. It's purpose is to inspire you, to awaken something within you. To comfort you and let you know you are not alone...

My artwork is priced very reasonably on my ebay shop, as gallery mark up costs have been avoided. You can also purchase ACEOs (artist trading cards - collectable pieces of miniture art) exclusively there.

New artwork is added to the shop every week. I post to UK, Europe, Canada and USA :)

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